Tuesday, May 19

Oh, had DWF yesterday. 
Woah, lucky i managed to dig out 7 sketches 
And i just passed. :/
Sketching was fine. 
It was so sian though 
And i spent a lot yesterday
I got subway, and snacks. 
my budget burst ):
Need to scrimp for the next few days. 
FCP ended early yesterday. 
But they all la!
Drag drag drag. End up no movie. LOL. 
We had dinner instead. 
there was Soff, Jerry, Jess and Substract. 
We ate at KFC. 

I woke up late today. 
It was intentional!
And i didn't get into trouble. 
I think i have this tendency of trying to break every school rule possible. 
Oh, and i had the Subway cookies today this morning for breakfast.
I'm not dead yet. Haha. 
I'm not listening in class. 
I'm listening to music! 

(C) Made By Love

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