Sunday, May 17

Went for fourth today! 
Had lunch with cg. 
I ate hor fun. the legendary nice hor fun. 
I exchanged shoes with Ailin. haha. 
and Tryphena's shoes are so nice. =x
and i played with my phone camera during service.
The flash shine until idk where sia. 
Then Jolene looked at me. =/ 
Service was..fine. Haha.  
the speaker is interesting. 
but i wasn't concentrating. 
Hmm.. Oh, i got ruffles, a medium pack. 
It's been ages since i had it!
I got Clorets too. 
I need mints. Cos i dowan to have bad breath. hahaha. 
Now u know my little secret. 
Oh, i got Ferrero Rondnoir for my mum. 
And i said thanks for getting me a new phone while she doesn't have one
I'm so sweet right!
Lol. =/ 
Anw, i realize i've been crapping a lot to my mum. 
Been sharing a lot of stuff with her.
yeah. We're tight yo. 

Hmm. and and... 
5 sketches and find textures!
hahaha. I'm potentially dead. 
Oh well. 
I can't wait for school anyways. 
It's going to be blessed. 

(C) Made By Love

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