Tuesday, April 28

Oh yeahhhhh. 
I wanna get contacts from school. 
It's only SGD27! 
And it's FreshKon. Not bad!

And i wanna get laptop case from school. 
It's nice design!

Communitychannel sucks. She's too funny. 

I always wanted to use those 'poly modules terms'. 
Like FCP, IS, lalala, 
i'm using them now! 
Cool man!

I think dressing to impress is over rated. 

Often, people buy things that they don't need, 
With money they don't have, 
to impress people who don't care. 
Quoted from my pastor. I forgot who exactly though. Oops. 

'(C) Made By Love'

Yes, i put there Made By Love for a reason. It's my motto in life. I think. You can put it that way at least. I'm saying for anyone who cares. But frankly, sometimes, i feel like i'm blogging for myself to read. Or for future generations. Sometimes i think, this only comes useful when something drastic happens. Like when i die, or go missing, THEN people read my blog. Idk, i'm just randoming around.Haha.  

I keep farting! HAHAHAHA. Desperately need to poop! 
Yay! My sis is out!
From the toilet, i mean. Oops. 

(C) Made By Love

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