Tuesday, April 28

Oh man.....
My plan was to poop and shower NOW
But my sis' hogging the toilet so i hafta wait. 
Bloody. (idk why, it's my new swear word) 

The lesson today was sooooo boring. 
It's an IS module, Communication. 
I didn't even learn anything!
Except that the indigenous people of Australia had a horrible past. 
Something about Aborigines having stolen generations because of the evil whites. 
Now whoever reads this learn something! 

I had lunch with YT. 
We ordered Subway. 
I felt nauseous. D: 
I can't imagine having tuna wrap for the next hour LOL

Then we worked out. 
It's called walking round the school. 

We finally settled down and rewatched Horton. 
Man! It's such a nice movie. 
Sadly i'm growing tired of it. 
I wonder why. 
Maybe it's cos the last two times i watched it were only last week? 
I don't know 

I'm gonna take a nap after i shower. 

I've got nothing to worry with you around. 

(C) Made By Love. 

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