Monday, April 27

Today has been an awesome, 
and greatly blessed day. 
I felt peace. (: 

This morning, i woke up upset. 
But i cheered up when i listened to Hillsong. 
We had art class(Drawing Fundamentals). 
It wasn't exceptionally fun. 
But i still enjoyed myself. 
My classmates are wonderful. 
Got to do research and do sketches by next week..

Had lunch with classmates. 
YT and I had chicken chop. 
I didn't find it nice.. 
YT did though, haha.
I really love that about her. 
She never fails to see the best in everything. 

Then we had FCP
Which stands for F-ing Career Path. 
HAHA, not. 
It's actually, Fundamentals for Creative Professionals. 
We learnt how to use Adobe PS. 
It's really fun. 
I hope i have time and the motivation to play around with it. 
It seems really fun. 
But my eyes died. 
It's still in it's process of resurrecting itself. 
It's aircon, and i'm wearing colored contacts. And I wore it for quite long alr. 
Haha, i'm whining. 

Anyway, i didn't go for cg dinner cos of photography club
Ended up, i didn't register. 
Shall go hunt for another cca. 

Tmr 's gonna be a short day. 
Starts at eight but ends at twelve. 
I'm gonna have lunch, 
Then decide what to do next.. haha. 
I hope i have enough energy to do the things i wanna do.. 
Cos i'm feeling really tired now
And i can't imagine the energy for tmr.. 

Tomorrow's going to be a blessed day!

I had been secretly, hoping.. Shh.  

(C) Made By Love

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