Wednesday, April 29

I'm in class now. 
But there's nothing on. 
We learnt about Flash. 
Seems interesting. (: 

Shucks, I thought there's only four hours of lesson today. 
Then i just realized there's make up class later. 

Ooh, i spent a lot on food today, and it isn't lunch yet. 
Here are the things i got: 
Wriggley's Eclipse for 2.95
Wang Wang for 70c. 
Pocky for 1.50. 
Green peas for 70c. 

Which is 4.80 in total. 
But no worries! God will bless my finances! >< 

I'm bored. Hence i'm blogging at such an awkward time. 
Oh, i woke up really sleepy this morning. 
And it paid off, I wasn't late! 
And i got a seat in the shuttle bus. 

I slept at 12 yesterday, which means i had 7 hours of sleep. 

(C) Made By Love

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