Wednesday, April 29

So my day continued as i went for lunch. 
Had fish and chips. YT too. 
The fish was so ginormous i got sick of it! 
Then i ordered Bandung. It tasted plasticky. 
I think it's cos there's very little left. 
I told YT those were the bandung that cleaned that plastic drink dispenser. 
And she gave me that exasperated look. 
Haha, so priceless man! 

Anyway, we had photography class. 
It was quite interesting. 
I used a manual camera for the first time! 
i don't know why i felt kinda upset though. 

And i realized the extra five bucks were my sis' money 
She asked me to get hamster food. 

I feel an emptiness now. But You are my comfort. 
Because You are Love.

(C) Made By Love 

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