Monday, September 13

oops, forgot to mention the previous post was based on a 
Nat Geo program called My 911. 
it's mainly of perspectives of various people who were affected by the incident. 
hopefully, i expressed myself well enough to bring my intended message across.

slavery at clarin's has eventually ended. hurray!
i was working a week for some clarin's event at centerpoint. 
centerpoint lei! oozing with ulu-ness. 

today i re-serviced myself a little. 
sometimes you do something so often all the time, 
you don't realize when it mutates into something unintentionally annoying. 
but i will not say what it is about me
in my attempt to be a mysterious, sophisticated person. 
but you get what i mean right? 

(i actually deleted a chunk of insecure confession)

realized that as compared to self centered, being christ centered is easier and better.
so be it.


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