Saturday, July 3

why is a person cool and another uncool? 

why are hamsters so cute? 

why can't we stay up and do stuff without sleeping? 

why do we get bored? 

why can't we watch all the blockbuster films and not need a break?

why do a lot of people want iphone and blackberry?

why iphone 4 so annoying? 

why do u do u feel ur heart leap when u see him/her? 

why are u extra protective for that particular person? 

why does life makes no sense at times? 

why are people racist? 

why does music connect to us? 

why do people need to shower everyday? 

why are some people so smelly?

why some people don't know they are smelly?

why does mac auto-correct ur typo wrongly?

why do some parents spoil their child?

why are girls fickle minded? 

why are boys less emotional? 

why do mums nag so much? 

why do some people not get irritated by typos? 

why are rainbows so beautiful?

why is nature so amazing? 

why is earth called gaia? 

why does bing exists when there is google?

why is it impossible for us to be somebody else? 

why are we unique?

why do we care about ppl's opinion so much?

why do we need friends?

why are we not as lovely as when we were just innocent kids? 

why are some people beautiful? 

why are family members so special?

why do people need love? 
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