Friday, June 11

i've been feeling not too awesome for God knows how long. 
So pathetic, any slightest rejection can ruin my entire day. 
I'm no longer as strong as before. 
i'm not able to go out alone these days. 
i would prefer company very much. 
(maybe i was alone for far too long) 
I wouldn't be able to laugh at those 'emotional queens' who cry at movies
I'm now an 'emotional queen' too 

is this growing up? 

then hopefully one day i will grow more 
so that i will learn how to deal with such tangible (supersuckyiwishitwoulddropdead) brokeness. 

I do things which i think i might be kinda good at, 
in the attempt to feel of some worth when i feel completely useless. 
(i like to sing loudly in the bathroom) 

i feel wanted when many people initiate conversations on msn with me. 

i use brackets a lot! 
(i'm too damn lazy to think of how to fit it into the sentence properly)

i meant to say i'm more active on twitter
idk why have i started on this not so glorious self conscious confession

trying to chiong animation portfolio to submit later in the day. 
(it's now 4am.) 

i am so super sleepy. 

(i hate good byes so i'm not gonna say one, unless i dislike you. 
now u know :D) 
Mun Teng
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In a relationship with
Christ Jesus

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