Saturday, April 24

oops back from mia of about 3 weeks now
my macbook died on me hence i was internet-less for a week
the macbook is still not fixed, so i'm using a loaner now

anyway school started.
has been eventful, of course. 
i enjoy it so far,
ups and downs but still good generally 
i wanna complain:
fell down yesterday while chasing bus 61. 
landed on my butt! 
i grazed my feet a little and got a not very deep cut on my palm.
it's no big deal la, but still annoying. 
and that made me realize i am very whiny and always act like tofu. 

work today was fun. enjoyable. 
it was like war, man. battle ground! 
haha the counter filled with stuff, so messy. 
and pleasant, cos the customers were responsive. 
i learnt that you are imposing on the staff the moment u step into the shop
whether u want it or not.
cos they are obliged to serve you. 
and ppl tend to mess items up without even noticing. 
yeah i didnt notice in the past, even now also. 
unless when i'm on the 'receiving' end
oh btw, in case it's still not self explanatory, i'm working as retail assistant, 
sth i nvr tried before 

i dislike 
1)fumbling in the dark, 
2)annoying ppl blocking my way, and 
3)uncool ppl with low eq.
(because i am super cool with super high eq, 
and i'm smooth, and i dun trip all the time, and i eat neatly. yeah.)
i'm anal like that. 

no pics for now ):

Mun Teng
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