Tuesday, April 6

i've been sick for 3 days alr. 
havent been sleeping well. 
and i puked. 
it was horrible last night. 
one thing u should know is that i absolutely hate vomiting. 
i havent puked in years. 
yesterday puked twice. 
once cause i didn't eat anything,
then i ate, then i puked again. 
i was wondering if i should eat or not eat. 
and i was whining a lot to my mum. |: 
finally my mum got me honey and a little bread. 
i felt better after having honey. 
so i survived the night!
srsly didnt wanna puke again. 
that's just effing gross. 
end of rant. 
(i said ''puke' five times alr, now 6. hahahahahahaha)

and my mum's so caring, she got me water and all for me without complaining. 
i know shes going through a much tougher time than me. 

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