Wednesday, February 17

Title: Re-Introduction

A reflection of innocence on Deviantart

I'm back to blogging (:
(apparently twitter isn't enough for my ranting)
i had intended to be in a better mood for this moment.
anyway, i tried using tumblr, but i still haven't figured out how to use it.
you know those cool cool quotes and pictures that u can reblog and all
plus u can follow people, like on twitter.
ahhhh, i dun know how to use that man.
yeah i know i'm noob.
(can anyone teach me?? (: )

i have a feeling this post is gonna be naggy. haha.
afterall it's been 2 whole months. (exactly 2 mths if u notice)

i intended to explore a new style of blogging.
but i still havent exactly figured out what
maybe just this; that i won't be blogging too much about my daily life.
if it's happening enough then maybe i'll share. haha.
(just to show off)
but mainly, it's just general,
things that i wanna let people know.
while attempting to express myself more interestingly so that i can reflect on my thoughts without boringfying people too much

anw, i've looked through my older posts for the first time since i last blogged.
i realized that i was pretty in momentum for blogging.
i actually rly like who i was 2/3 months ago.
now, i'm not so sure.
i know it's not cool to have emotional baggages and all.
but now, i'm really afraid of people telling me i've changed for the worse now.
cos someone said that to me a while back and i was careless then, letting it affect me.
i'm trying hard to recover from it. so yeah.

there's this thing about me, i dont know if its good or not.
i prefer to be straightforward in my thoughts.
and since there is no one staring at me in the eyeballs, i'm just gonna be frank
personally, i really appreciate people who are real
i mean, even if the person is really nasty, but she isn't fake about who she is, we're friends man
meanwhile, i will try not cause unnecessary displeasure as much as i can.

main point why i wanna blog is so that i can reflect on myself more.
cos when i blog, i aim not to bore people too much, and at the same time be able to reflect on myself.
previously, i tend to explore new things, like read about stories, look at quotes and all.
then i'll put my opinion and share.
oh, the pictures from deviantart too. (hope no one's sueing me yet)
i think i should be continuing with that.
quite a feasible method.
also, with a blog, i tend to think during times when i'm free,
and if i manage to catch some revelation and it's appropriate, i'll shove it here.

one more thing, and don't laugh. (i've mentioned it before and i'm gonna say it again)
i'm actually quite a perfectionist at certain things
specifically in communications.
hence, if i don't express myself ideally, i'll *@#!^%.
so for this post, i would have alr read through and rephrased my words accordingly(or tried, i'm rly rusty)
i'm sensitive to words.
(haha make me sound so tender and all. i'm only joking.)

aiya. i know there are no pictures or good blog design for now.
i will try to work on it soon!
(i won't be surprised if there are 0 readers. but still got some!
what a nice surprise. (: )

pardon me for being so rusty in blogging now.
wait for my momentum.. haha (:
okay i have to go sleep now cos my eyes are barely open.

(whoo, italics)
i shall not confess too much at this point of time. i'll just keep it as a feeling(: 

[xoxo] Made In Love
(i'm thinking of changing my line, should i?)

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