Thursday, February 18

Title: My day

I Dreamt of a Brighter Future by CameoFX on deviantart
(oh me and yt used this pic as inspiration for our drawing-which isn't completed yet)

today i went to my ex colleague's place
it was kinda weird, cos i'm kinda extra there. lol
played black jack.
fun lah. so many people.
so my day ended well

it doesnt really matter how the day started
as long as it ends well.
for me at least

and i'm kinda excited for the next few days.
got plans till monday.
my holidays started alr, cos i have no exams. whoo
but i still have one more sketch so i'm going back to school to draw.
with yt.
gosh, i really love spending time with her
a week back, she came over to camp at my place,
and we chionged our big assignments together
sleep was such a luxury then.
we lived on 3 hour naps for those days
and we didn't sleep in the night time,
felt awake the whole time luh.
but enjoyable (:
it's so pleasant to be around her.
i like who i am with her

haha yes, i am aware i'm blogging about my personal stuff
pardon this post.

anyway, i like having lots of plans!
i have a life!
keep them coming in!

i prefer planned to last minute
especially for dates
last minute makes me think u're a player
except for with close friends.
haha. both ways work! (y)

i'm gonna revamp this page sooooon.
i wish i can just leave it as it is cos i'm too lazy
but i dun rly love it.

i'm sleepy man. shall stop here.
this post is actually out of context.

The explanation is always longer when there isn't any.

o. made in love
(o means hug. no x. haha. no kisses)

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