Saturday, December 5

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Sometimes, somethings that are not really bad, somehow gives people a bad impression.
Just that many irritating people happen to be doing this not so irritating thing,
but when this happens, the not so irritating thing becomes really irritating.
Haha, applause if you actually read and understood that sentence.
Example being, i've always thought online games are usually meant for uncool people.
But i've known one or two cool people playing 'lame' online games, then somehow,
these 'lame' games don't seem as lame anymore.
My point is, it's so easy to avoid such 'embarrassing' things,
and at times, even at the expense of your interest.
Will you dare to be the one to give such stereotypes a new meaning?
It might not be easy. but it's always worth the shot.
I've known several people who has done it alr, i never really told them that,
but i'm impressed.

That was so random. (:

anyway, i'm so very screwed. Still haven't started on my 3DD.
A lot a lot to do.
i just hope the 'cheating' method works.
If not i can forget about sleeping,seriously.

Oh oh, watched New Moon today.
Tell you what, it sucks. |:
I was right for hating the movie.
The stupid ending. Shall i spoil it?
okay, i shan't. but if you watch it, you will sure remember the ending.
It's so what the eff.
Fine line between: 
realizing that you don't have to make all the mistakes to learn, and plain paranoia. 

[xoxo] Made In Love

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