Thursday, December 3

Love by Hendro on Deviantart

Finally, my internet works!
I did one magical thing, and it works wonders.
Mr brains are that smart. so much.

Anyway, i feel i have been really dissatisfied with my parents.
If you ask me one bad thing, i'll give you ten.
That's an issue.
When will i learn to appreciate?
i don't wanna end up cherishing what i've lost.
And i'm very interested in psychology.
And piano, and singing. and drawing. and design. and ahsdhs and oshssh and ojobff. spam aside,

I can't help thinking,
you'll find out so much about me if you just read my blog.
Who are those people who will actually be bothered to tune in,aside all the dislike of blogs and words? (:
No condemnation here, just wondering.

Oh i'm envious of my yesterday self cos she went to Party World KTV
Now i need to chiong my stair drawing.
later on my video editing.
weekends, my 3DD.
yay, last minute work FTW.

Be my friend, i promise i will
Hear you out anytime,
Attempt to remember everything in our conversation
(despite my poor memory),
Support your decisions after failing in trying to persuade you,
(even when i might disagree)
Lift you up with my words,
Tell you that i love you as much as possible in case you forget,
(whenever it's not too awkward)
When i change for the better,
i will feel bad for the mistreatment to you from my past self,
Even when we drift sometimes,
I will ask you out for a date,
I will remind you that just a call is what it takes.
And even when i fail in these,
I will still love you with what i have left,
I won't ever forget you,
Will you do the same for me?

The most beautiful discovery true friends make is that they can grow separately without growing apart. -Elisabeth Foley

[xoxo] Made In Love

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