Thursday, November 26

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Oh gosh, i haven't blogged for so long!
Sorry was that expected of me to say that? haha.
oh my mum has been giving me a hard time.  
i know, i have to compromise as well. and my parents are never going to be perfect. 
but it's just so hard u know.  
they scold too much, listen too little, demand too much, understand too little. 
when will i learn to accept? 

anyway, i'm high up in debt for school work as well. 
i need to do animation, then video editing, then 3dd, then drawing. 
oh lovely, i just realized i have work for all my modules, all to be due next week. 
i'm screwed 

okay time for me to rant, i shall feed my negative wolf.
sometimes when u tell someone something, but they,being not quite there yet,
will say something in the effort to show they understand.
me: oh, it's really nice to go out and play under the sun right?
stupid person: "oh yeah yeah, it's good to go out and enjoy the nature, can relax
it's fine for the first time, striking it off and trust they understand.
then after several times and knowing the person more, you find out they just add in words for the sake of talking only.
they dun really understand.
let me demonstrate again
me: it's good to have friends right? also having a broad social circle
stupid person: yeah yeah, good to have friends. if need help can ask around
sorry that wasn't good a demonstration.
it's just all in my head, the main points are not obvious.
uhm but my point is they just elaborate on what you've already said.
They've got nothing new to add on, no revelations.
So you know they're just saying out loud what they have understood so far.
Still trying to figure out what is the main point.
Sorry i'm pretty allergic to dumbness.
i'm just irritated by people who are not bright. |: sorry i will repent.

oh oh, one more thing. i think it sucks when someone says it's okay when they dont mean it.
it sucks. big time.
So u do something which might be potentially irritating to the person.
and you ask, "are you okay with it?"
then they decide to kill you/the relationship slowly by saying "yeah it's okay (:"
while thinking "no it's not okay, i think i can accept it, in time"
but then, no, it doesn't work, it's still not okay in time.
being misleaded, and convinced that it's really okay, she will continue doing the irritating thing.
then one day, the 'victim' can't take it and blows.
and the poor person realized she was offending the person all along.
making her feel guilty for something she hasn't really done wrong.
ask me why i'm so defensive and i'll tell u it's happened to me many times.
yeah la i will understand that it's hard to say the truth especially when it will make the person feel bad.
just that i don't like it when it happens.
and i'll appreciate when one has complaints.
at least u tell me i'll decide what to do with it.
i can choose to change or leave it for next time or just throw it away cos it's nonsense.
anything's better than being guilty for something you aren't really guilty for.

Days became weeks, which became a month.
 Then i forgot what was it we used to share.

i think i can love you. 

like no one is watching you, 
as though you have never been hurt before, 
as though no one can hear you, 
as though heaven is on earth. -souza

[xoxo] Made In Love 

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