Friday, November 27

God's Canvas by Delacorr on Deviantart

I looked at the sky this afternoon and it was so pretty.
Beautiful skies always cheer me up.
I feel it's God's way of telling me everything is alright.

Oh, last post i was saying how screwed i was.
Haha apparently not as screwed.
The things were due as soon as i thought.
I still have more time to do.
Funny thing is i'm not even starting now.
I'm like waiting until last last minute then i'll get my ass moving.
Haha. then i can come back to whine about how screwed i am, again.

I'm afraid that i'm changing into someone i dislike without realizing it.
Just now during a conversation, i said i dislike self righteous people.
I remember how i had a clear meaning of 'self righteous' people in my dictionary.
but now i'm unsure and i feel like one myself.
Oh gosh. this sucks.
i have no idea what other ways i have changed that i dislike.
Now i have to change more so i won't dislike myself.
I need someone to keep me in check.
and pop that bubble when i retreat gradually back into my little world.

If i say i'm a perfectionist, no one will believe me. haha.
I think laziness took over.
Last time when i was young, i couldn't leave the house without completing all my homework.
I just couldn't imagine it. That was what i told my mum and she was impressed.
And my teachers praised me a lot.
i was the smart kid.
Not so much now apparently haha.
Is it just me or is everyone smart when they were little?
Anyway, when something is tainted, i will be discouraged to move on cos it's imperfect.
Unless i go back and rectify the error.
But most of the times, i got lazy and give up.

I have complained about how it hurts when you make a mistake.
Yeah i'm back to it now.
It sucks knowing you have not been doing so well previously when you thought it was alr perfect.
sucks i tell u.

Oh, yeah yeah. i know i criticize and rant a lot on my blog.
But sometimes i didn't carry my point across well so it might seem general.
I don't mean to be offensive.
And usually, it's only a handful of people who gave me those inspirations.
Usually, i don't judge my friends.
Unless u piss me off too much. D:<
okay, i shut up. :x
SORROW looks back,
WORRY looks around,
FAITH looks up.
 [xoxo] Made In Love

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