Monday, November 30

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Over time, i forgot.
I forgot that you cannot love someone when you're busy judging them.
Yeah that was the missing piece.
No wonder i kept feeling weird i get too negative.

Decided to attend school in the end.
But my mum was busy screaming at me for sleeping in.
I didn't attend morning lesson.
We quarreled very badly.
there were shouting and angry faces.
Anyway, i kept defending myself.
Then i realized that as much points i have to support my statement, i still wasn't really in the right.
and then i also realized i can't accept it when my mum tells me i'm wrong.
I just can't stand it, i will not accept it.
But then again, i think i'll write an apology note to her later on.
I really owe her so much.

Anyway. I had this awakening feeling that there's really so much more to discover.
I'm like a frog in the well.
I might think i already know a lot, but that's never going to be true.
That's alr one point if i even start thinking that way.

There are so many things i wanna do.
I wanna learn this, do that, and i doubt the list will end.
But i'm not gonna share it here.
I'm afraid some people will be dream stealer.
It happens.
you tell somebody something, and they crash it.
Interfering with your thoughts and motivations, telling you it's not gonna happen.
It's better to keep some things to yourself- when that thing is precious, unless the person is more precious.

btw, i found my leather strap(nt gonna call it a bracelet)
it was in my drawer all along.

Don't hate what you don't know

[xoxo] Made In Love

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