Sunday, November 29

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i decide to type a blog post on the train beforehand.
i'm on the way to first(church service) which is 9 am.
hey, u gotta give me credits for waking up so early and attend church. haha.
I shall do an introduction about my church. yay.

It's New Creation Church and the last time i heard, it has 21k members.
The location is at Temasek Boulevard, or commonly known as Suntec City.
Because of the amount of weekly attendance for church service,
and the size of the auditorium, it is not possible to cram everyone into one service.
Hence, there are 4 church services held.
Timings are 9 am, (the one i'm attending today!), 11:30am, 2pm, 5:30pm.
Haha. end.
mainly, i wanna boast that i woke up at 6 to attend service.
oh yeah, and Pastor Prince just wrote a new book, Unmerited Favor and today's the last day for preorder hence.
My mum decide to pay for it as a Christmas present. That's awesomely sweet of her.

don't ask me why am i talking in this weird manner. i'm typing in a weird situation afterall. act pro english FTW.

hmm, my day started out horrid. my stuff were all over.
soooo messy i swear i could scream. I couldn't find my 'bracelet'
(i have no idea how to call it, i don't wanna call it a 'bracelet' though. sounds too bimbo. it's a synthetic leather strap with letters on it. Which i won't spell out here cos it'll be funner to see people read it off the strap instead)
anyway, i think i will be going home early to pack up all my stuff.
And hopefully find my lost items and make new discoveries!
(doesn't it always happen when u pack ur stuff? haha)

Oh oh, i wanted to say this from last time.
Comments make me happy.
And for two posts back, i'm so glad someone clicked on the 'understandable' button.
Makes me realllll happy.
Hint hint. haha. no, kidding.
hmm, but i like leaving comments on people's stuff in the effort to make them happier a bit.

i hope i don't sound really different in real life as compared to here.
It'll be awkward.
Cos it'll be like 'hey i read your blog'
'oh...hmm. cool.. ' -awkwardness-

One more thing, scents turn me on, so much. Yay.
(i should stop yay-ing. Makes me sound

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Back home now.
Church service was refreshing.
It's been a long time.
It helped me bring my perspective back in place.
Today, books on relationship seem to especially attract me.
So i was reading some Joshua's.
It's called 'I Kissed Dating Goodbye'.
And he said after your relationships, your life partner will then get what's remaining of your heart
Girl marries guy. At the the altar, girls popped up beside him.
Girl was shocked and asked who they were.
Guy replies they were his ex.
Girl got upset.
Guy explains he gave them each a bit of his heart, even though they are now of the past.
Then he added "no no, it's alright. you can have whatever's left"
Capische? lol.
Sounds logical.. but i don't like it.
For one, the heart breaks, like all the time.
Even if you're not in a relationship, your friends, family, people will have a piece of you.
but the reason why you're still alive is cause the heart will mend.
It's alright if you give it away. It will regenerate.
I'm not saying it's a good thing or bad thing.
But it's just not really correct.
I understand if you say it's experience wise,
cos some things just cannot be undone,
some memories cannot be erased, and some innocence cannot be reclaimed.
For this, i think you should save some for your life partner.
But treating your heart as if it's some non living thing doesn't really feel right.
And there's no peace.
Makes me feel condemned instead.
So what you want me to feel?
Feel bad cos i just gave away the bit of my heart that supposedly belongs to my future spouse?
And not get a boyfriend forever, until the perfect one comes along?
But when i do happen to fall for someone i will feel super guilty.
And since i alr gave some of my heart to him, might as well just give the whole thing la!
Marry him , marry!
Sorry, it's a touchy subject.
There's also another book that i looked through also.
It's about this 18 year old girl. She got cheated by this player, so she wrote a book about her life.
Okay, i thought she's quite loser and very unlucky.. oops.
But the thing that impacted me from the book was what she quoted from the guy.
Those words were sweet to me too. And i can relate to her situation.
So i thought if some guy were to sweet talk me then decide to cheat me, that's it.

you know those irritating people who enter a shop. then they receive an sms and start texting in the shop instead of looking at the stuff instead? I'm one of them. :x

gUessx wAd i hAtExx? tHiSxx.
Bloody hell. Sorry. I still like these friends. but i'll also say to your face if you ask for it. :D

The best things in life are not things.
[xoxo] Made In Love

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