Tuesday, November 3

Stressed by jiwasz on Deviantart

when two people accidentally bumped into each other. 
then you take the initiative to say sorry, 
but the other person just looks at you then walk away. 
don't you just feel like saying
"Hell no, i'm not gonna take full responsibility for that" and
"i'm taking my sorry back, i didnt mean it!"

Okay, just grumbling 

Today has been eventful, met several people. 
At least 5 'random' encounters.

I went to Red Dot Museum with a guy classmate. 
I don't know if that was a bad move. |: 
Met several friends and they looked at me weirdly. 
I think they might have thought he was my bf or sth.
My defense will be: i prefer solo outings than a group one. 
And i cant hang out with just girls right.. 
Oh gosh, i don't like this. ): 
If people think i'm a player or sth, it'll suck. 

Okay, i'm just ranting. 
i don't actually care what people think. 
If you are not cool enough to find out what's happening before judging me, 
then i won't bother either. 
And i also dont care about people's comments. 
Good or bad. 
If you don't like me, i don't mind. People's thoughts are subjective. 
If you are complimenting me, i appreciate it, but i don't need it

These things i mention, good enough if you just read and move on. 
If you like, you can also put my face to these things i typed. 
But i'll never say it to your face. Cos it'll be mean. and too personal. 
However, you get my point.

Unless i get into a bad mood, i tend to lose control over my emotions and i will get pretty affected when people say stuff about me.
Or when what you say is new. Makes me go 'oh really? i never knew that..'

okay i'm not in a good mood now. 
so u might make me cry if you say mean stuff to me now. Don't. 

i wanna sleep. and i'm stressed about school. ): 

Mun Teng 's mind is wandering again. If you happen to see it, please don't step on it - it's damaged enough already.
(oops, it wandered , meaning i was supposed to post this 2 hours ago.)

[xoxo] Made In Love

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