Friday, November 20

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There were 12 readers since yesterday's post. 
I'm glad there are 12 precious people reading. 
I'm really very honored. seriously. 
Even if it's only one person i'll still be glad.
(but of course i don't mind more people)
Don't roll your eyes going 'oh don't give me that crap'
cos i really mean it! 

But i feel bad for the 12 readers yesterday. 
Cos i was venting my unhappiness. 
I felt this is an inappropriate place to dry my dirty laundry. 
Also, i know that my tone was too harsh. 
And it might also be a bad impression. 
I notice it's very hard for me to be back blogging once i exit my comfort zone for the post.
In that case, yesterday's post was something really close to my heart but still negative and controversial. 
And now, it still is something really close to my heart 
I'll admit i'm afraid of being subjected to judgement. 
But ailin told me that she also hates it. 
She also said for her blog, she don't mind people reading, but don't judge. 
Which i agree. it sounds so right. 
It's never good to have a close mind and judge what others say.

Oh yeah, i have to add, i know my influence is really small now.  
as compared to those youtube celebrities and blog celebrities having thousands of people tuning in daily. 
but i trust that i will be more influential. 
Not by my power. 
Cos i know my God will plant good thoughts in my mind, give me the right things to say, 
and opportunities to excel in what i do. 

okay, i'm done baring my heart on global net. 

Too many people overvalue what they are not and undervalue what they are.  -Malcolm S. Forbes

[xoxo] Made In Love

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