Sunday, July 12

Shucks, i didn't blog for two days. 
I was busy sleeping. 
I watched Transformers on Friday, and it was awesome. 
I think it's the best movie i've watched. |: 
Clarie spend a lot on that eventful day. :x
I went to get contact lens solution earlier. 
They are ex.. :/
I squished my mum's fingers and hurt them a lot. omg. 
Cos there was this moth flying into the room. 
So we all ran out. 
I wanted to close the door to trap the moth inside but my mum out her fingers on the hinge. 
And i pressed the door on her fingers twice. 
Super fked up. 
It was really painful. 
Thank god i didn't close the door entirely, if not her fingers would have broke. 

Yesterday was blessed because:
I slept well.|(:
I got my contact lens solution.|(:
I didn't slam the door entirely. :x|(:
I enjoyed Fluffee talks. lol.|(:

(C) Made In Love

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