Monday, July 20

I played some frisbee thing that munjun got from her AYG.
But i broke it while violently pulling it out from the hole. 
Then we went to play badminton. 
It was fun. 
and semi crazy haha
got a&w after the dehydrating session.  

(C) Made In Love


I've been reading this gary174's blog. 
read some of the comments. 
And there was this person, icebox. 
The things he say makes sense.

The more detailed and explicit erotic stories are, the more probably they are not exactly true and I believe this is the case for this story. If this is indeed true, u certainly don't deserve to have any respect whatsoever for violating someone of blood relation to u. I certainly did not find it entertaining or arousing to make me do anything with my hands and instead I felt disgust and disdain at the lowly means u stoop to demand attention. If your life is just only about sex and more sex, u certainly need to snap out of your pathetic shell and get a life. Yes, life is about sex and sex is happening everywhere but it doesn't mean it has to be everything, or almost everything of a person's life. In fact, people with a real life think of practical aspects of the real world, like establishing a sound career and building fortunes. Of course, right now, if you have the looks and skills to get ladies in bed with you, life seems pretty rosy and u don't see any need for change. However, is it possible to do this forever ? Do you want to remain just a transitory nobody who just enters and leaves a woman's vagina ? If that's the case, your life would be just like ejaculation; seemingly exciting but in fact it just leaves you with emptiness in the end. Ultimately what women look out for in a man in the real world is money; someone who is financially stable enough to give her a secure and comfortable life or someone who has the ambition to achieve this, not just someone who elicits some limp oooh aahh aaahs during sex from her. And by spending your time going about having sex and filming it and posting it online and whatever instead of devoting your attention to furthering other more meaningful ambitions in life, you're certainly nowhere near becoming a person worthy enough for women to spare real respect for. Think ahead please, a dick that goes up has to come down eventually, and the same applies to life; there's always a time to settle down instead of having fun endlessly.

Do you seriously think that your blog can only be accessed via sex-related mediums ? Someone just needs to read about a person's name in a related article in the newspaper and a bit of web common sense to derive a blog address. Therefore, not everyone who comes here did it through sex-related means. Of course people come here knowing that there are sexual content, but being interested in sex is different from making sex such a integral part of your lifestyle such that there's a need to publicise sex as your way of life. If someone is a high flyer in life, of course he may have the right to devote his time and energy to such whatnots, but come on, just a miserable surveyor nearing his 30s and making mere peanuts and still wasting time and effort on such senseless gimmicks is really pathetic. From the poor English displayed in your writing, your mindless sexual antics and the fact that you're only a pathetic surveyor at that age, it is not hard to deduce that you're only a crude uneducated dreg of society with a hollow and shallow mind. Some poor crass loser may think zooming around in a seemingly cool flashy motorbike makes him a king on the road, but people with the real power and status in a well, say BMW, see these people and their small miserable vehicles as only a pathetic piece of trash. Same here; You may be proud and happy with your seemingly cool lifestyle, but that's only because you don't have the foresight and capability to realise what the real deals of life are, and yes, well-educated people with sense and rationale and with a proper livelihood are the BMWs, and we see you as only a worthless loser.

icebox said...

I see an interesting debate raging on here. Well, to a certain extent, I do share smalldicktalkbig's disapproving sentiments about the author of this blog, and I have also shown my disdain towards him in earlier posts. Yes, the 'pretend to sleep on the train' mentality seems to be more befitting of people who turn a blind eye to and wobble on the grounds of neutrality with regards to happenings around them. I ask for people not to turn their brains into empty sponges which just absorb whatever given to them without going through the process of filtering and pondering. Look beyond the surface of things, and view issues beyond face value. Don't be someone who reaches out his hands immediately when a person offers him a million dollars. Instead, think: Why is he giving me this money ? Where did he get the money from ? What if I take his money ? What if I didn't take it ? The same here; Don't say wow someone is giving me free sex videos I'm gonna reach my hands into my pants right away. Instead, question and think about what lies beyond the pussies and bums here. Start having a mind and some opinions. That's what separates shallow minded people and people with the ability to think. The author of this blog may claim: Oh I don't care what u all say it doesn't matter, but this only goes to show the nonchalence towards his life. Sure, you don't care and that is probably why you're still and only a pathetic surveyor at almost 30, because you didn't even bother to think of your future seriously when you were young, and right now, you do not even give a damn about what lies ahead of your life. "I don't care" is the reason why you're living life by fucking whores aimlessly without any real goals and ambitions in life. You say that people giving negative comments are "dogs barking at your door", but seriously, the fact that you hear our comments as irritating "barks" goes to show that you are affected by what we said, and yet you say you don't care ? And come on, u really think u have the right to claim this blog as your "home" or whatever when this is only an anonymous facade you take refuge in ? Sure, people who criticise you are taking on an anonymous status, but in the very first place, you, as the person in subject, are hiding in anonymity. Since you can put on a tiger suit on your pussy back and post all your glories of sorts here, of course, I can also come here and write whatever I can behind the comfort of my computer screen. The only difference is, I dont stand to lose even if my identity gets exposed, unless you decide to turn up at my door and say hello, but on the other hand, you have a lot to lose when your flimsy anonymity is stripped off. Therefore, don't claim to be talking to me from above here, because I am the one looking down on you, if u know what I mean.

icebox said...

Well, of course u have nothing to say in response, because u don't even have the depth of thought to construct proper arguments. It's obvious ain't it, to deduce if someone has undergone proper education in writing.On the other hand, giving a "I don't care" is also a self-deluding way of trying to hide from the fact that u concede that whatever some people have said have affected u. Stop putting on a front in terms of how u want yourself to be perceived as. It's easy to derive a person's frame of mind here: U say u "don't care" about what people say when in fact u do and u do not want to show it and instead, u try to show how cool towards criticisms u are by saying u don't give a damn. Similarly, applying the same psychology towards this whole issue, when u claim to be an expert at bedding women and post all the videos here, u are only trying to put up a glorious front for your underlying insecurities towards women and life. The fact that your girlfriends, if they were even real as reported, all left u one by one goes to show that u don't even understand the real needs of women or have the ability to give them what they really desire beyond pussy-banging. And here u are, trying to conceal your incapability at handling women and relationships by posting some self-gratifying sex videos to project a delusionary image of your prowess over women to others and yourself. Beyond this shell, however, is only an insecure wimp trying to hide his underlying flaws.
And seriously, it's not hard to see in all the poor-quality grimy sexcapade videos that the women in question, who should "thank you for not exposing their faces", are only some cheap whores from Geylang or whichever dingy districts uneducated boors frequent. I shall not give the "spare a thought for the girls' life or future" talk, because seriously these whores are so used to fucking that they don't really care if people see their faces. In fact, they may even be happy that they get some free self promotion. And applying the same insecure psychology mentioned earlier, u do not want to show that u're only a pitiful wimp so desperate for sex that u fuck cheap wild sluts, and therefore u attach the dubious NUS girl, Banker, cousin and whatnot labels to your videos to show your "diverse appeal". U know u want to fuck undergraduates and bankers and your family members, but u understand u are only capable of getting cheap whores and so again, u put on a false front in terms of how u hope to be perceived as: An all-round ladies' man, which u are not.
It's easy to deduce a person's frame of mind, and whether such a person is worth you and your dick or pussy's attention, if some people spare the time and effort to think and probe instead of taking things as they come to them without proper processing. That is what separates educated people and brainless worms all too eager to reach their hands into their pants upon seeing some amatuerish sex clips.

icebox said...

Some people say that if some others feel that the author of the blog is such a scum and loser, these people should not even be hanging around here. On the contrary, it is simply because I have such pity and outright disdain for him that I am intent on making my contempt felt here. You are anonymous and so am I, and if u can put up your seemingly glorious whatnots here for self-admiration, similarly I also have every right to express my scorn here for my self-pleasure.
It is not hard to tell from the comments here that the majority of people expressing citicisms with regards to you in general write in decent proper English, while most of the other group of people who ardently supports u and keeps yelping for more contributions from u are typing in feeble and disjointed sentences screaming of pathetic English. And yes, it is easy to tell which group of people are educated and which are not. This only goes to show that educated people with proper sense and rationale will come to realise that all the crap here are only worthy of distaste, disgust and disdain, because we think and we consider what is befitting of our attention and what is not before we take things in. In fact, we don't even see this bunch of wannabe nonsense as even deserving enough to be third-grade entertainment. On the other hand, unlearned and ignorant slugs which don't even have the mental capacity for proper reasoning and rationalising will only be too eager to suck all this in because their underdeveloped sense of aesthetic appreciation are too quick to take some inferior low-grade grimy porn as indulgent entertainment.
See this as a sale, where an LV lag is going at an uncannily low price. Some may ponder: Is this bag for real? Why is it going at such a low price?, and move on to check the quality of the bag to decide if they should buy it. Others may hold their immediately thumping hearts and tell themselves: Wow what a great bargain, and move in to buy the bag right away without inspecting the bag's craftmanship. It is easy to see here who are the people who have proper thinking functions and who are the people who have their thinking functions turned off simply because of a momentary flutter of the heart, or dick, in this case.

icebox said...

Seriously, the fact that some people do not construct their arguments with respect to what the other party has said goes to show how poor their ability at formulating proper arguments is. Take out an idea, an issue as the subject and build your points from there instead of firing aimlessly in circles. For example, since you said I have no reason to be here as I detest the author so much, I have made my point earlier that "because I have such pity and outright disdain for him, I am intent on making my contempt felt here. You (author) are anonymous and so am I, and if u can put up your seemingly glorious whatnots here for self-admiration, similarly I also have every right to express my scorn here for my self-pleasure." And yet I see some people harping on the same issue that I should leave this shabby blog. Don't some people ever read and process information put across to them ? 
Most importantly, proper arguments do not involve uncouth foul language such as "SAMLL DICK TALK BIG MOTHERFUCKER!!!
CLOSE YOUR ASSHOLE!!DONT TALK WITH ASS". I certainly do not find such statements convincing enough to pay proper respect to. In fact, it just goes to show how limited your vocabulary is and how inept at sound reasoning u are. Of course, once again, it all points back to my earlier point that supporters of the author of this blog are all but "unlearned and ignorant slugs which don't even have the mental capacity for proper reasoning and rationalising" and "their underdeveloped sense of aesthetic appreciation are too quick to take some inferior low-grade grimy porn as indulgent entertainment." Stop validating my claims by yelping around true to the character of empty-headed slugs I have just described.
I did not say having 40 sex partners is a big deal. In fact, I have said earlier that "life is about sex and sex is happening everywhere but it doesn't mean it has to be everything, or almost everything of a person's life." Of course having multiple sex partners is common, but that doesn't mean the person with so many partners needs to publicise it openly to everyone, and with videos to go along with.
Finally, "a decent, well-educated gentleman" does get to bang hot babes, as long as he has the looks or cash to go with him. But first, there's a need to understand that there're two kinds of babes out there; educated and refined ones and uneducated and hollow ones, which we term as whores. A "decent, well-educated gentleman" will filter out his options carefully in choosing a girl to fuck because once again as I've said earlier, educated people with sense and proper judgement have a high level of aesthetic appreciation and we wouldn't like to fuck a whore who just goes around fucking every other guy on the internet. And similarly, the educated and refined babes will also be inclined to favour like-minded learned and cultured men for some fun together. Therefore, "a decent, well-educated gentleman" does get to fuck after all; in fact, to put it across simply as eating fish, we get to taste aquarium fish of higher grade and quality than some crass boor who can only stick with some cheap catch from the drain.
Again, I hope some people will process whatever that's been written, to whichever extent your shallow depth of mind can allow u to, before yelping around.

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