Tuesday, July 21

I only slept for two hours last night. 
Killed me. 
I will never lack sleep without a good reason. 
and my nap when i reached home was only four hours. 
Barely enough! 
Oh, i broke down yesterday
Lots of crying, haha 
As i was listening to music, i feel God comforting me. 
Felt pretty much whole again, like not so broken. 
I got some thoughts though.


A person is made of little yes-s and no-s. 

You are what you are right now is what you say yes, or no to. 
You might have said no to connecting with people hence you are shy. 
You may have said yes to honoring your parents hence your relationship with them is good.
What have you been saying yes and no to? 
And though you have not been saying yes and no to the right things in the past, 
It does not matter. 
Which brings you back to a yes or no decision.
Will you say no to letting your mistakes condemn you?  
And what is the morale that stands behind your yes and no

Different people think what is important in their life, differently. 
There is accomplishment, happiness, joy, peace, etc. 
It matters not what others think is important. 
After all, there's a reason why there is no exact identical you
Follow your core fulfillment, (woah, sounds cheem but not really so)
and start saying yes and no according to your ideal path.
You know you have made the right decision when you feel good about it.
vice versa.
Search for that peace in your heart.
Yes and no-s are the gates to your life.

Actually, i didn't quote from Yes-man. Haha.

(C) Made in Love

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