Thursday, July 2

I had a good sleep last night. 
Slept at ten! 
Thank God i'm getting more restful sleep. 
I took a nap just now too! 
Sleep is really a gift from God. 
It is horrible not being able to sleep.
That was about how Michael Jackson died. |:

I had 2DD today. 
It was alright. 
Quite a pity not much work. 
And just one small project he's giving us 7 weeks. O: 
Didn't quite listen in class today too. 
Was playing DJ Max. 
You know how that game makes you feel like you're actually playing the song?
It's a good way to manipulate denial and make a game out of it.
And i ponned dwf. 
I went to collect my book. 
And return some stuff. 
I missed my book so so much 
It's Destined to Reign by Joseph Prince.
I think it's the best book. 
Other books like romance novels, self help, movie novels, just pale in comparison. 

I love my movies, tv shows, music, novels, etc. 
But they just don't seem as appealing as compared to the presence of my Daddy God,
Haha i feel playful most of the time so i can't usually settle down and focus. 
But when i finally do, that feeling is so refreshing, so rejuvenating, so peaceful. 
I'll never get tired of it. 
I know i'm so so fortunate. 
I know that i have Someone to lean on, to draw my strength from, to rest in.
I know He is eternal, He will never go away. 
And i know that it is not something that i just conjured up or psycho myself. 
I'm not that pro to make myself feel that good. 
And it's like, you get that, 'this cannot be false' feeling when you hear something. 
And when you ask something about that 'something' it just becomes clearer and clearer. 
And gives you a good feeling.
Like math. 
I'm just saying 

I feel fat. 
I look pregnant, i should stop eating so much. 
oh, i know why. 
Cos i ate like a zillion durians just now with my family, and some chocolate. 
No wonder. 

And i just love those durian eating moments with my family. 
Or just any moments where we spend time together. 
I thought those moments were goners cos my relationship with my dad is so strained.
But i think i've come to realize that no matter what it is, 
there is something between family members that you cannot take away.
and they will always be there for you. 
I have a family, which i'll never exchange for another. 
Sure enough, there are imperfections, everyone makes mistakes. 
but they are mine. 
I've been wanting to get somethings nice for my family. 
But no moneyyyy. that i typed it out, i realized how stupid that sounded.
I don't need to buy stuff to let them know i love them
Buying stuff is just an easy way out. 
I should do something instead. 

And about my one way conversation, and getting someone to talk to, it hasn't happened yet.
Wow, i'm that good a procrastinator. 
But i don't feel it that urgent anymore, cos i'm not as upset.
Yayyyyyy, i'm so glad i got my mood to blog.
Sadly, i need to stop cos my ass is hurting cos i'm sitting on the hard floor, and i need to poop.
Unglam much? 

I'll be back soon! 
That what she said... 

(C) Made By Love 

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