Wednesday, July 1

I feel like shiat now. 
I wanna talk about it. 
And i can talk about it as much as i want. 
but it is not likely to make the matter better.
Like that means like that. 

Haha i can make this sounds cheem, mysterious and all, 
But i'll just admit that i don't want people to judge my personal thoughts. 
Keeping it that way. 

I'm getting much of these dry moments i realized. 
Maybe i should relax and just take it easy? 
But then again, a breakthrough will be amazing beyond words. 
Should i soar like an eagle? 
But i don't feel like it.. 
omg i'm so contradictory!!! 
I should talk to someone instead of having my little one way conversation with myself here.

small doors, big doors. 
i might pick the damn small doors cos i don't feel like choosing the big one!

(C) Made By Love

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