Tuesday, June 9

I'm so sleepy. 
And i'm waiting for the profile pic to load on fb. 
It's taking forever!

There were two common tests on Monday. 
Both anyhow whack. 
Drawing and fcp. 
I wore dailies. 
But they still felt dry. ): 
And i ate a lot. 
Here's what i had. 
chocolate roll, 
chicken chop, 
chocolate bar, 
fish noodles, 
chocolate cereal, 
2 goreng pisangs, 
curry puff. 

I wonder how much calories is that. haha. 

Oh, and sunday was awesome. 
Nothing in this world can give me what God did. 
I swear. 

Here's something i remember that pastor preached: 
Sometimes when someone give you something, 
and you say 'Oh, you shouldn't have'. 
Think again. 
Actually, no gift is a 'should have'. 
Just say thank you. Haha 

(C) Made By Love

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