Wednesday, June 10

Had 2DD test today 
It went well. 
I guess. 
Soff waited for me for lunch. 
and we were both late. 
And Eric freaked us out. 
He pretended to not allow us to take the paper. 

Clarie treated me to  tu tu kueh. 
Oh man. Nice la. 
Both clarie and the tu tu kuehs. haha. 

I bought a bracelet with soff! He got a keychain though. 
It looks awesome. 
I heart it!

Then i went for some bai bai thing at Yishun
It was quite..interesting. 
Looks expensive too. 
And i was being friggin retarded. 
and i'm not exactly happy now. 

The day was nice though, generally. 

(C) Made By Love

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