Saturday, September 4

do u sometimes feel things are going so fast, 
you're afraid you might just forget who you are, 
and who you wanna be? i do, and it's scary. 
i don't want to be a person i dislike. 
i don't want to become someone who 
only chases down every temporary high to feel satisfied. 
(yes it's the stacie oricco song, more to life haha) 
dammit, i'm grounded for the next two days. 
which happens to be some saturday again. 
it's such a funny trend, i seem to always get grounded on a friggin sat night. 
ooh, just realized katy perry's 25 while her fiance, 
russell brands is 10 years older than her, 35. 
(i know i'm slow lah)
super sleepy alr. it's 5am now. 


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