Thursday, June 24

oops, i forgot to give credit to Eric Cartman for the previous post.

i really wanna blog sometimes, but usually my thoughts are used up on twitter. 
i am currently satisfied with my life. 
(although i could use a less haywire body clock that sleeps at 10pm, rather than 5am)
not much social happenings. |:  understatement, actually is no life, but well.
(please feel free to ask me out, but don't go to expensive places to eat cos i'm broke thanks)

i still think being (non-uncool) bold is attractive. 

i'm learning to be more positive about people
instead of being excessively bitchy, ha.. 
(yes, i am fishing for a compliment, 
pls say i'm not a bitch and it's cos i have character! )

there's a phase in every person's life where they used to be utterly lame and annoying, 
saying all the things that make u wanna roll your eyes a thousand times. 
i seek comfort in that, knowing i will outgrow this phase someday. 
Mun Teng
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In a relationship with
Christ Jesus

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