Wednesday, March 3

Salt by midjetville on deviantart

i'm slacking at home a lot this week. 
i wanna find a job, perhaps i should get my ass moving soon. 
i went to china town yesterday. 
was interesting, cos i went to the temple. 
haha, i very guai lor, wear that sarong thing cos they said no shorts. 
i got to use a dslr yesterday. 
omg! i miss using a camera. ): x100 
i also ate quite a lot of food yesterday. 
cos it's china town! need to eat! 

and i bought my mum's favorite yam cake for her. 
hah, i'm not saying i'm filial. 
(but u could if u wish to :D  jk :| ) 
she's done so much for me. 
those little things i mention, she remembers and done it for me. 

why do i feel like such a social awkward now. |: 
i noob

it's hard being single, watching other couples. 
or best, guys i like getting attached to someone else. 

the pic is salt cos i feel very SIAN(means salty) 
hah, lame i know.
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