Wednesday, March 31

ack i just noticed i didn't put the relationship with Christ in my previous post. 
anyway it was pretty eventful since that post
and i'm gonna credit myself for working 12 hours on just 3 hours of sleep.
yes i didnt skip work and i am proud of that. hahah

something i tend to do, or in this case not do
usually i won't say something relevant to a particular person and let them read it
so much for trying to be mysterious. 

and i noticed things always have a momentum. 
sometimes u are excited and other times u might not be. 
i believe it's not a good idea to suppress the momentum and keep forcing yourself
i dun think it's good to do something u don't enjoy. 
unless when you liberate yourself too much to a point it restricts your freedom, 

coming from an ill disciplined person. 
but i really like the idea of freedom. 
give me time to balance. 

in a non pervert/overly pushy way, 
being bold is attractive.
Mun Teng
Relationship Status:
In a relationship with
Christ Jesus

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