Sunday, February 28

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oh oh, i got something to share!
i heard there's some rapist around my area,
and he primarily targets the young girls.
then my frustrating sister still insisted to go downstairs in the evening somemore.
my mum and i couldn't stop her cos we were otw for dinner.
oh gawd... it was so frustrating and worrying.
i prayed so hard she would be fine.
in the end, she told us there was an auntie around the area.
thank God, man.

haha and i wanna say i experienced how worry can immediately turn into some sort of anger after u know she's safe.
you're mad at her for making you worry!
(okay mum i will understand ur worries more now)
haha then my mum grounded her for a week. :D

have i mentioned how scary i feel rape is?
i totally can't stand 'misused' sex.
i dunno how to fully express that utter disgust for rapists.

oh oh, i also wanna add,
you're best at being yourself
makes sense right?
don't you always feel those person you find cool,
she's always has that something unique,
a unique combination.
but how easy it is to just fit in with the crowd just because it's easier to be cool

oops i realize this is starting to look like an essay.
pardon me.
okay lah actually i wanted to squeeze in a story, but i took it down.
i looked for the picture for an hour alr!
cos a bit too lengthy. shall share it another time. (:

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