Sunday, February 21

today is a good day. 
but i feel a bit heart pain now. haha
corny much? but it's true |:

oh i went for Arrow today. 
it's the name of one the youth services in my church.
i learnt cool stuff
and the pastor is so real. awesomexzx. 

okay i learnt that thoughts are seeds
they grow to become ur actions.
and imagination is actually thoughts in motion. 
see, thoughts are stagnant as compared to imagination
so imagination is a reel. 
u know, those things u turn and they cast a light and u play back so it becomes a video?
those old times things.
so the line is ' control the reel in your head, it will become real in your life'
one more line 'your mind will shut up when you speak out'
this one i find it's so true
u might find a lot thoughts going through ur mind.
but if u want them to stop yammering so much, it'll be good to speak out what you want exactly
that'll subdue ur negative/unwanted thoughts. 

frankly, the message is more powerful when pastor said it. 
the points here are not so elaborated. 

i feel so lazy to blog. haha. 
i love my mum a lot. i still have this strong desire to do something for her. 
shall go out one day to draw for her. 
i really wanna make her smile. she's going through a tough time
thoughout cny, i felt she was giving and giving. but not receiving
her love tank seems to be running really low. 

We invite defeat when we remember what we should forget.
Mun Teng

Relationship Status:
In a relationship with
Jesus Christ

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