Wednesday, February 24

(Play it! It'll be worth it (: )

aiya, today i lazy to search for story. and i dowan to spam too much quotes. 
so i shall just type only. 
i learnt that it's better to post pics, higher tendency to have more hits . 
for me, i will be more prone to read those with a lot of photos, especially for those eye candies. 
but bear with me now! cos i dun have decent pics. 
maybe when i get a good camera, go out shooting, and camwhore then i will share. 
see how. lol 

i feel uncomfortable not updating this space for 2 days. so yeah here i am. 
updating at 6am. 

my body clock is turned topsy turvy. 
come to think of it, it's been irregular since the last holiday. 
still havent switch back, now holiday again. funny 
these days i sleep in the morning. 
i have things on, so been waking up at noon or afternoon. 
if not, sure can sleep until evening. 

hmm what else. okay, i mentioned i dun like to mention people in my blogs so pardon me. 
it's my problem. ): 

tell u what i'll mention though, food. haha. 
Bakerzin's cakes are da bomb. (: 
Tried chocolate amber. 
cookies and cream (or oreo, haha) cheesecake is pretty darn awesome too. 
it's good, take it from someone who dislikes cheese. 
later on, i had starbucks coffee. it was some caramel sth sth. 
and i can confirm that coffee gives me dierear. 
pardon me, i still dunno how to spell that darn word. 
(someone tell me how to learn how to spell it)

okay i shall share a song! tskkk. 
lol. it's utada hikaru. 
just realized her awesomeness. 
her voice is so deep and soulful. motivates me totally. and her songs! gosh the tunes are so inspiring. 
her songs, better than sex! 
Mun Teng

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