Tuesday, December 8

Wrong way by With Accusing Eyes on Deviantart

I guessed you've noticed this when you play jigsaw puzzles.
Just because the pieces seem to fit, it isn't always right.
I thought that goes for reasoning.
Someone says this thing, and you retort with another.
And you might sound right, but that's not definitely the case.
I feel sometimes when i quarrel with my mum, i can retort with the right sentences and i 'win' the argument.
But i know i'm wrong. It's just words.
I just fit in the pieces anyhow. So messy.
No wonder i feel so uncomfortable when i didn't have an open mind and kept insisting.

Also, i thought this applies to what people say.
Sometimes people might sound very logical.
The pieces seem to fit nicely.
But they're sometimes just mistaken.
When you look at the big picture,
you will then realize that piece is fitted wrongly.

haha, my main point is even though some things might sound really right,
it isn't always the case.
Solution is listen to your heart.

Oh, i rushed work for 3DD.
So much for last minute work.
I didnt do a good job for it. ):
I don't deserve to be trusted to do last minute work anymore.
shall try again next time. ;D

Omg omg omg omg omg Unmerited Favor going to be out in 5 days!
HEARTS, i can't wait. Joseph Prince rocks my socks(if i wear any)

-I'm typing this now 7 hours later-
I watched Mulan and Ninja Assassin.
Yes Ninja Assassin. M18 when i'm 17.
I have my cheap thrills. :x
Anyway, Mulan isn't that good but Ninja Assassin rocks!
(hate to admit it, but Rain is super cool) 

Words: Like jigsaw puzzles, 
just because the pieces seem to fit, 
doesn't always mean they really do.

[xoxo] Made In Love

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