Monday, December 14

Snowflakes by Helga Cupcakes on Deviantart

Today had been eventful. 
Went to collect Unmerited Favor. 
i was so excited.
oh thank God my ankle healed a little! i can at least get around without limping.  
But today had been messy.
I let down 3 people.
Didn't manage myself and my time well.  

Just for records, i went to Bishan Park to play until midnight. 
It was fun (:
Oh i wanna get an album to store receipts.
Before they rot. ):
and i found a mobile phone. 
But i decided against being mean, and returned it to the girl's bf. 
Hahaha, heart shape baby! inside joke. (: 
But it was a good decision. 
They were thankful i returned it. 
But damn, i could have sold it for a few tens and bought clothes. 
Oh well. 
haha. joking, clothes are never gonna be enough. 

Hmm, oh hachi visited my church for the first time. 
don't think it was a very good impression though. 
And i was really distracted. 
I hate it when this happens to me. 
When too many things happen to me at one time, i will get easily disorientated. 
then i can't react well.
(how i let people down)

I've been listening to chinese songs these days. 
Mainly cos so i can sing it in kbox. heh. 
But i also realized they are really meaningful. 
More than english billboard songs. 
Especially old songs. 

Why would you want to be somebody else when there is only one you and 6.6 billion somebody elses?
-Robert Brault

[xoxo] Made In Love

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