Tuesday, November 17

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sometimes ppl dun understand what you are saying. 

so they use a rough impression from their memory bank which causes misunderstandings.
To prevent this, it's good to have a rich 'memory-evolved into-observation bank'.

Got this a few days back. So i need to say it. 
But now i dun rly feel like thinking. 

Today i have been semi conscious. 
Slept in the bus so when i alighted, i was still adjusting in my contacts. 
Then rushed to the grandstand, where they were having netball. 
I felt so blur, plus i was sleepy as well. so didnt really pay much attention to the lesson. 
Pity cos it was kinda the highlight of the week. 
Okay try not to laugh at that. |: 
I do have a life! (maybe)
Hmmmmmm. Oh i pierced my ears! for the third time actually. 
But i was too wimpy to take care of it. 
I dislike the putting in of the ear stud. so scary. 
If you poke wrong direction then will hurt. 
At least for me, the previous times. 

Who said it's uninteresting to talk about what u ate and what u do? 
Okay, a lot of people. 
But i dun mind reading. 
Especially when i wanna find out more about a person. 
But that doesn't mean i wont get bored by blogs. 
I still will. 
If you decide to bore me with your uninteresting personality, then, maybe not. 

Okay now, for the first time, i shall type chinese words.
张韶函- 潘朵拉

i think chinese words are so beautiful. 
So meaningful and interesting. 
But bengs and style-less people over use it. so it kinda cramps the style. |: 
Nevermind! there's me! i shall bring cool back into chineseee. 
And that was meant to be joke. 

My alarm clock and I had a fight. It wanted me to get up, I refused. Things escalated. Now I'm awake and my alarm clock is broken. Not sure who won the fight.

[xoxo] Made In Love

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