Sunday, November 22

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I went to town today. 
And the christmas lights were soooo pretty. 
And there were so many 'buskers' performing christmas songs. 
Made me smile. (:
I can't wait for christmaxzxxzxzxz. whoohoo. 
okay, i think it's time to start dedicating birthday pictures for Jesus soon!
So many people forget the main point of Christmas, it's Jesus's birthday! 
Not so much that imaginary red fat bearded old man. 

Hmmmm. Oh and i survived my day with 3 hours of sleep! 
heehee. i'm good. 
oh and i did one interior drawing. i'm so proud of it. yay. 
and i really hope i'll do well this sem. 
So that i can prove to people that i can be successful when i put my mind to it. 
Enough being the academically poor but still nice(if i'm even nice*) person. |: 
I wanna be the all rounder! such ambitions. 
Don't give me weird looks when you see me,thanks. haha. 

Omg i'm so sleepy now. 
oh i was planning to share this since weeks ago. 
Question is how will you eat the food on your plate? 
Do u save the best for the last or just eat whatever you feel like? 
It's kinda an analogy too, applies for life.
I think i will pick the latter. 
Why save the best for the last when there might just be a higher level of best coming next? 
I'll rather eat the best first, then once the first best is gone, i will still be eating the best. 
Cos it's the second best but now the first best is gone, it becomes the best. You get what i mean? 
haha. if you think logically, that means you can have the best at all times.
That's my logic at least, which is working well for me,for now. 
Maybe you should try it out too. haha. 
Reduces the pressure and saves room for a higher level.

*Nice= I don't like. 
I never liked people saying "Oh that's so nice.." "You're so nice" "You're a nice friend/girlfriend"
Come on, don't you have more words in your vocab? Seriously.. Nice is like so no strength. Need to compliment but got nothing to compliment about so just say 'Nice" 

These words in italics, no one should know who they are for. eheheh. the power of being single.
i don't care, i think i like you

"The trick to getting things done is to list things to do in doable order." -Robert Brault 

[xoxo] Made In Love

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