Friday, September 18

These days i haven't been able to get any decent sleep..
Makes me sad.
I so desperately wanted to sleep just nw.
But i woke up two hours later
Busy scratching all over
I don't know why my skin's so sensitive.
Whenever i go swimming or to the beach,
I always get these big patches of 'mozzie bites' things.
Which by now, i'm sure they are not mozzies.
And now, i get them like from everywhere! D;
My bed as well!
But my mum and i just cleaned it yesterday.
I also dunno how.

Okay, haha. my point being not having good sleep makes me cranky.
I LOVE sleep!
Now it ran away from me.
due to never ending reasons.
I'm gonna go get a hammer and whack someone now.

Oh no, i think i'm falling again. 
I can feel my self control dissipating. 
My steps has accelerated beyond my wish.
To get you. 

(C) Made In Love

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