Thursday, September 10

 I'm still not asleep now.
Prolly gonna wake up in the afternoon
Hence I have absolutely no plans for tomorrow

Oh my gosh. My life is diving into some shit negativity
I dislike the hols. Because i keep screwing up my body clock.
But i dislike school too. Cause i wont be getting sleep.
Yay me.

I feel so FML-ish.. okay maybe not so bad.
I'm prolly just too pampered that's y.

ohhhh yeahhhh. i'm so *#&@!-ed up by the recent chi dramas i watch
I thought the previous one was bad enough.
Here's the rough story line.
These two people like each other. The director create some suspense for them to get together.
they finally got together at the last 15 minutes of the entire show!' oh, and the guy died due to cancer. Even after all the suspense of having a miracle, no miracle happen. He still died.

I was hoping this next one won't happen such shit.
But this one best, they didn't even kiss.
They even had like scenes where they were so close to kissing
but all they had were just a few hugs that's it.
i feel cheated. ):
The viewers need to be fed with some ROMANCE! where they go!
Best la. Watch twenty episodes end up like this. 

Okay, i'm done ranting. Sorry for the vulgarity. :x But seriously man... 

(C) Made In Love

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