Wednesday, September 2

secretly, it makes me a little sad to see you offline. 
Ask me what's up with the online-offline thing. 
Prolly cause that's where i can stalk you openly yet privately LOL. it's one of the little contacts we have. 

And people around me, including myself, are becoming more and more 'adultish'..
You know, parents always say when we were young(er), friends are really hard to find when u get older?
Now i think i get what they roughly mean.
It's sad.. that more people wear masks. I know it's normal to.. but some wear just too many.
And it's so hard to get to someone. To earn their trust etc.
For me, i realize things have become more complicated now too.
There are things that i cannot be entirely frank and share it to everyone i feel like.
Unlike during 'kindergarten'. When things were simple and innocent.

why is my head spinning? ):

(C) Made In Love

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