Wednesday, September 16

Regarding stalking someone online,
i just kinda feel it's not valid.
I mean, things online are never private.
Shouldn't one alr expect the things posted online to be viewed publicly?
So, online stalkers don't exist, at least for me.
I prefer it to be as gathering information.

However, in real life it's different.
Cause things you do in public are not usually meant to be 'stalked'.
Being in public is a necessity,
There's no way one should stay at home all day.

Like how celebrities should mind what they post online,
But what they do in their daily life,
be it in private or public places,
Is actually not open for stalking.

So 'stalking' someone online is reasonable, but not in reality.
Haha, don't ask me why i'm so defensive! x)

(C) Made In Love

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