Tuesday, September 29

my day was so boring.. ):
i think i'll prefer to have things to busy myself with.
and that excludes watching youtube videos and checking facebook.
and i was busy eating. die la, haha.
never do anything still eat so much.
i had fries, chips, 2 oranges, 2 slices of bread, 2 servings of spaghetti and some random stuff.

i wanna go out mannnnn.
but everyone seems to be unavailable. ):

oh i was thinking of blogging abt my mum.
her phone died. so she asked if she could use mine(which was originally hers)
i even thought of declining her but i agreed only cos she will only use it until noon, which i wont even be up, that's why.
man, i feel so bad.
my mum spoiled me.
anyway, i chatted with her earlier on in the day
it was a nice convo.
by nice, i mean we talked abt neutral things that dun get me emotional on the negative side.
i shared stuff that i had thought was interesting and my mum liked it too.
cos sometimes things would get all sour, being the super sensitive me, and the not very sensitive mum i have.
and sometimes i will say something that's very sensitive to me, and i don't get the reaction i want.
like it will just hang down there and all. and i feel discounted of my feelings.
but it was good today. (: i will do this again next time and steer away from the danger signs. lol.
and i do admit, i am super x28711929237 sensitive and picky and temperamental at times.
yeah i'm trying to improve.

i notice i overdo things when it comes to someone i like, whereas to people i feel neutrally about, it's not that exaggerated.
i tend to place too much attention on him.
but i'm trapped in a dilemma. idk whether to talk to him or not.
cos the thing is if i initiate a gazillion convos, i might seem desperate.
but if i dun initiate and wait for him, he might think i'm not interested, or it'll just take decades.
i should get a life and go out more with friends, seriously.
if not i might go mad, sooner or later.
why dun he take the opportunities?
maybe i'm being too idle, which brings me back to the point that i need to get a life.
if only he knew how much i care. but does he actually care that i care?
okay, i should start caring less. i bet he's feeling i'm a freak as much as i find myself one.
blahblahblahblahblah. i'm frustrated when i think of him.

oh school term's about to start. in about 20 days.
Bloody eff.
such dilemma. i dun rly like the long hols which leaves me doing nothing,
but i dislike going to school so early! 
Darn, there's gonna be PE. what the &@*#!. this is so annoying. and lame to the max.
i feel so lazy and fml-ish.

it's funny i have such long posts these days. okay, i'm going to slp now.
Looking forward to another uneventful day tmr. totally.

(C) Made In Love

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