Saturday, September 5

I woke up with a dream that made me feel like crying.
There was this guy that i was waiting for,
I was really upset, he knew, but didn't care at all.
He was just playing with me previously,
I let myself be upset, (like literally curling myself into a ball, not talking to anyone)
(and i somehow got ballistic at someone who touched a thing he left behind-it was a mouse)
letting myself fall,
hoping that he would catch me,
But he never did.

Geez, where the hell did this dream come from? ):

Anyway, i was killing some people before that.. throwing away the body parts.
OH i know where this came from, some game i saw with body parts flying(just a little)
Then, i could FLY! i could fly in my dream LOL.
Then there was my sister.
And i cried for her because someone she loved couldn't be revived back.
dadadada. i forgot the details.

(C) Made In Love

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