Thursday, August 13

I watched the last episode of my drama.
Oh my gosh... So sweet!
And awesome story line and actors!
It's the 9pm show on channel 55. ;D

Anyway, i lost my earpiece at starbucks today.
Thank God i found it back!

And Ying Tian never fails to cheer me up.
She realized slow is not my style. Which made me realize too.
Patience was something i don't have much of.
And she also mentioned to take things one at a time.
I tend to think too much what to do next, how i should feel.
I reminded myself of what she said and ended up not tormenting myself.
Which made my day decent.
I still haven't completed my logo. GG. I'm trying to make it 3D now.
I wonder what time will i be sleeping tonight..

(C) Made In Love

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