Wednesday, August 19

I re did my blog design. 
I thought the previous one looked a little off and it's so difficult to adjust.
So i decided to use bloggers' step by step blog design. 

I'm soooo sleepy. 
Woke up early today cause i had work. 
But then i asked to go there later cause i wanted to sleep more.
Didnt tell the person in charge that of course. 
Anyway, my work today failed. 
I spent my time dunno doing what. 
I just know it's not work. 
I only did one survey. Which was sooo pathetic. 
But i saw one of the other full timer, and he only got three. 

Actually i had something emo to post.
But i don't feel like it now. 
All i want is to sleep. hahaha. 
Btw, i ate a lot today. 
Had a small packet of lays and a chocolate bar. 
that chocolate bar is killer i swear. 
dunno how many calories. 
Oh and i had dinner alone. 
Loner me. haha. 
But i was really hungry. 
I butt into some loving grandfather grandchild quality time and asked if i could share seat
then i started scoffing my food down. 
The food was orgasmic man... 
Hahaha, shows that sex is not the only thing that makes u feel good. 
I'm just saying. 

And there are so so so many things i want to get when i get my pay!
I want to learn how to play the piano so i'm gonna start with a keyboard. 
It's going to be so fun. 
I really love playing that instrument even thought i'm not good at it(yet). 
But i hope i won't give up easily. 
That would be such a wet blanket. 

I tend to type things unintentionally when it's anytime later than 2am. 
I alr feel myself typing in a way that is not quite myself. 
Oh well. 
I enjoy food, and money. bling bling! 

(C) Made In Love

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