Monday, August 10

I don't feel like the best of my moods.
I have work to do but i keep procrastinating.
Anyway, my birthday's over and im seventeen! Yay!
Speaking of irony, i watched 17 again.
Omg that movie's great. The story line is just so good!
and I have to admit Zac Efron played the role really well.
It seemed like a challenge and because of that, the movie had an edge.
I celebrated my birthday with Dhanu and Sowji that day.
It went well. I enjoyed myself and i'm really glad they celebrated for me.
Oh my mum had bought me a set of ear piece as my present.
I really appreciate it.
It costs 40 bucks. I know it's not costly for a good ear piece and the money isn't exactly big
But i know it's still a sacrifice for my mum.
My mum loves me, this i know. Haha
I always wanted to write some thank you note for her,
But i never got to do it.
It was from the time i mentioned i bought some pretty paper from Prints?
Haha that felt like months ago? Was it?
Oh, i went to shoot at Esplanade for some DPH assignment.
I took three hours. Felt quite proud. -grin!-
Lol. that was ego, i feel like a noob.
But it got me more interested in photography.
I think i improved? I don't know though,no one commented on my shots cos i was shoving it into iweb.
Recently, i've been going back to City Harvest Church.
It got me to readdress some thoughts i have.
It was a refreshing experince.
Oh! and i'm slimming down! Yay!
I have been resisting the evil callings of junk food and repented to the ways of drinking more water.

(C) Made In Love

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