Sunday, June 21

What a joke, my hundredth post was about me pooping.

I got to get a grip
and get a life.

God's been touching me, and encouraging me to talk to Him.
So i've been going to Him more.
People can fail, but God will never.
I'm tired of being the needy one,
I'm don't like risking bothering people because i am down.
Therefore, God's the best solution.
There's just such a sense of peace when i direct all my thoughts to Him.
They go somewhere, you know.
Unlike when you tell someone something, and you feel they go no where.
I seem like i'm discussing God vs people
Well, i am.
And my stand is God always wins.
But people are important too. (:
that's why we have each other.
anyway, God still pwns. HAHA.
thank Jesus. thank God.

I'm still having die-rear. Ah crap.

Oh, and there's something.
You know when you say 'Oh, you shouldn't have,' when someone gives you a gift?
Well, since when is a gift a 'should have'?
And if you say that in front of me, i'm just gonna laugh at you.

(C) Made by Love.

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